Day 14 – Santiago

As I sit now in the airport in Santiago, waiting for the flight which will take me to the next part of my journey, I’m trying to remember as much as possible of the past couple of weeks. I’ll need these memories for quite some time yet. Reading back through my posts I realise that there are so many things I forgot to mention, like the friendly farmer who offered me and my friend a ride on the hay in the trailer of his tractor (we refused, of course, as any good pilgrim would do), or the French guy who kept telling about how his walking stick cost more than 300 euros, being made from a certain type of very hard wood, while I was struggling not to laugh, or that the room I had dinner in at the Parador used to be the hospital’s morgue, or the east asian guy with a painted face who succeeded (on his third attempt) to walk 100 kilometers in one day, but did not receive the certificate in Muxia because he had not stopped at the albergues along the way. Some things are irretrievably lost. Others, may resurface in moments when I expect them less. However, even through this posts I can’t hope to remember everything.

It’s the peace which comes with falling asleep straight away, feat which I can rarely accomplish on my own, not in a room with 8-20 other people, after a day of intense physical exhaustion, or the deep concentration required for every step on a treacherous forest trail, in the rain, which I cannot properly convey through words. I hope that they will stay with me nonetheless.

As for you reader, thanks for going through this with me. If you ever have the chance to walk El Camino de Santiago, do it. It’s hard, but worth it. And let me know if you do, I may join you. My flight is departing. I hope I’ll have something to write here again soon. Until then, Buen Camino!

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