My first post is about a beginning. I should probably first talk about the ending which led to the aforementioned beginning, but I won’t do it tonight. A big part of my life is behind me now and I’m about to head into the unknown. Literally at first, as I’m going in an adventure.

I did not mean this blog to start as a travel blog, but I find myself now, unwilling to ponder on what I’ve left behind and the path I’ve embarked upon, and just excited for my time in Limbo, for, what some would call, a holiday. I’m going to Spain. I’m going to travel, by foot at first, doing a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela – El Camino de Santiago. Then I plan to explore the island Gran Canaria for a while and eventually fly to Barcelona for almost three weeks. What started as a pan-European journey plan slowly focused around Spain. I’ve decided that I’d much rather explore one country and really feel like I know some of it, than just skip from place to place, never really knowing the ground I walk upon.

Hello to you, if you happen to randomly read this. I write now in the idea that I’ll be able to better structure my thoughts and, years from now, look back upon my life and maybe smile. It’s more like a journal than an opinion wall, although some of who I am and the way I think will undoubtedly seep through. Why is it public then, you may ask. Because I can make it public. It’s also my attempt to open up to people outside my very tight group of friends. Although it’s unlikely that even them will read this at first, I like writing, so maybe someone will like reading what I write. As everything new in life, it’s an experiment. I’ll just see where it goes. For now I’ll start small – chronicling my travels through Spain – adding impressions, ideas, an occasional photograph, overall leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for my less than eidetic memory to follow back in the future.

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